Obstetric Care
Every birth is a unique and special event, and we are delighted to be able to share this special time with you. It is an established fact that good prenatal care contributes positively to the health of the mother and infant. As we feel that knowledge and preparation are essential to understand and enjoy your pregnancy, you are encouraged to ask questions. Your prenatal appointments will be arranged at approximately four to six week intervals during the first seven months, and more frequently during the last trimester.
For the convenience of our patients, we offer in-house ultrasounds, laboratory testing, and fetal monitoring. Our ultrasonographers are fully accredited to perform routine screening and anatomic surveys throughout your pregnancy.
We deliver our patients at Laredo Medical Center and Doctors hospital. We would like to deliver all of our own patients and in most cases, we do. However, weekend call is shared among different physicians so that a board certified physician is available at all times for our patients. You can expect consistent, uncompromised care from our staff. Our goal is a healthy mother, a healthy baby, and making your delivery the kind of experience you want.

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